author of project and installation
Interactive process of memory examination
abandoned archaeological site in Belgrade


‘Project is dedicated to the place where in 1941 former National Library burned.
More than 1500 books burned. Even though in centre of Belgrade this site is even nowadays a wreck.
The project was refering to its current , abbandoned, state and the problem of its definite urbanistic solution.
As a response to such a complex, rich and historicaly loaded site the scafollds were erected in the proportions
of the former library. It was covered with white protective canvas giving it the look of the actual building site.
Onto the canvas full size image of the burned library was projected as well as other video works concerning the topic.
Performances that took place guided wiewers into the stories that this site contains.





production: Radna organizacija ( Ana Vasiljević ), BELEF
technical coordinator: Marko Radenković